The Maynooth Campus Smartcard

MyCard is the Maynooth Campus Card. MyCard will provide all students and staff on the Maynooth campus with a single card which can be used for identification, access control, library card, electronic purchase on campus and print and copy services for students.

MyCard uses smart card technology using an embedded chip on each card. The user will have the ability to top up money on their card either at a top up machine on campus or on-line. Each card carries a balance on an electronic purse; if a card is lost the user has the ability to hotlist the card on-line at any time.

How is MyCard used on Campus?

MyCard is being used for print and copy service for students; this is currently available in the PACR in the Arts building the library, and other locations on campus. You can top up online via

The following campus vendors and services allow MyCard for cash purchases

Library vending machines
University bookshop
The Crèche
The Health Centre
The Residency (for tokens and charges)
The access turnstiles in the library are contactless access which is facilitated by the MyCard.